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Tuxedo Rentals with Custom Fittings Springfield MO

Custom Tuxedo Fitting

We own most of our tuxedos so the tuxedo you try on can be the exact tux you will rent for your special occasion!

There are times when certain alterations will need to be done. We can do that for you in house!

Guidelines to how a tuxedo should fit:

  • Tuxedo shirt collar should be snug, but not tight. There should be about an inch of play between your neck and the collar. Top button of shirt needs to be buttoned for proper fit.
  • Bow tie or tie should have some tension, but not make the collar too tight. Adjust if needed.
  • Tuxedo rental trousers (or pants) will have a clasp on the side of the pant. When adjusting the trouser clasp, make sure adjustment is even. This will help with proper pleat alignment. The fit shouldn’t be too tight, too loose, too short or too long.
  • Dress pants and tuxedo pants fit differently than jeans or khaki pants. The waist of a dress pant or trouser should be near your belly button or natural waistline.
  • The break (where you pant or trouser touches your shoe) should be just above the heel line. This is a classic break style. Remember, pants should not drag the ground or be so short that socks show.
  • If wearing a vest, adjust so the vest is not too loose. All buttons should be buttoned.
  • The tuxedo jacket needs to be properly fitted or it will look too big or too tight. Neither are good looks. The jacket sleeves should hit the wrist bone, the midsection should have 1 – 2 inches of play when the top button is buttoned, and the back of the jacket should just cover the rear end

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